Urgent - Assassination of the party founding member, Manea Al-Mahdal Al-Yami.

Statements 11-07-2022

The National Assembly Party mourns one of its founding members, Mana' bin Hamad Al-Mahdal Al-Yami, who was assassinated in thorny circumstances yesterday, Saturday in Lebanon, and condoles the family of the deceased, his fans and his companions inside and outside the party.

We knew Manea in the National Assembly Party as a political opponent of the Saudi regime. In December 2015, he announced his founding of the Right and Justice Movement, he also contributed to the founding of the National Assembly Party during his stay in Lebanon, and he adopted the party's principles of seeking democracy, resisting tyranny, and establishing rights and freedoms, and resisting sectarianism and separatist tendencies, as asking the party to keep its membership undeclared due to security conditions until he reaches a safe country.

In his quest to continue his public activity away from politicization and sectarian exploitation, Manea tried with party members to seek refuge in an alternative and safe country, contacts were made with the United Nations and with a number of countries to ensure asylum, during these attempts, this unfortunate assassination occurred, and the party has been trying, since the incoming news of the assassination, to verify its details and motives through various parties, in order to uncover the perpetrators involved directly or indirectly with this incident.

The party also holds the Saudi authorities responsible for endangering the sons of this country and forcing them to exiles and reside in unsafe environments because of their political beliefs or their human rights demands. Which makes them endure different risks amounting to murder under various pretexts, and the party demands a fair, clear and transparent investigation into the case that shows the details and circumstances of the incident to find out who is behind this heinous crime

And we repeat our condolences for the deceased, may God have mercy on him and forgive him, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.